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Welcome to When Brains Bleed, a Nonprofit E-Resource helping ease the transition of adapting to life post stroke, for stroke survivors, by stroke survivors.

How this became a possibility..

There are 2 reasons this became a thought, one being quite unfortunate, the other being incredibly humbling and eye opening..

So the beginning was the 2 AVM ruptures which I managed to survive and to recover significantly from the first, in end to have a second rupture with many complications including a Viral Meningitis Infection during surgery, as well as a long 6 months of deterioation caused by Sunken Brain Syndrome as the aftermath of the infection, due to the procedural discard of a Boneflap after an infection occurs in the brain. Both complications being quite possibly avoidable due to the possibility of residual of the original malformation being the cause. After having 2 Brain Aneurysms, undergoing a total of 8 brain surgeries and experiencing multiple grand mal seizures, I believe I have quite notable experience when it comes to neurological recovery, stroke in particular. And feel I could be of great benefit to those who are in need of guidance and advocation.

The Realization..

So long after aneurysms and both respective recoveries, in 2017 my uncle was undergoing many surgeries on his foot and leg from a foot ulcer related to severe diabetes. after a long fight he was faced with a procedure to have the foot ulcer amputated (that including roughly a quarter of his leg).

During his recovery I was really intrigued and satisfied to be giving him insightful advice during his journey at the same facility as my first recovery had taken place, with literally the same Physiotherapist. And after realizing the detrimental plan of care they were heading towards, I felt obligated to advocate or at least tell him what his care ACTUALLY should be aiming towards. They're intent was to try and sway him away from the idea of a prosthetic leg, due to it being "alot of work" which would be unbelievably counter-productive to his independence and quality of life, after ranting to him about how they're simply trying to save a few tax dollars and opening his eyes on they're attempt to do him wrong was incredibly satisfying. Being that I was seeing a leg amputation patient learning stairs in the same Outpatient program as me at Parkwood, I had a reason to be shook.

Actually Making Moves..

After the idea was thought, I spent time sitting on it and never thought about it until my Critical Thinking Course at Cambrian College, where I had a professor who was a published author and was hiring web developers on ocasion. That sparking my childhood passion of creating websites, which I was doing as a twelve year old, as best as a 12 year old being mentored by strangers on MSN could do with HTML, free webhosting found via search engines and plenty of '' domains. Simply creating, perfecting (if you could call it that) and moving on to the next idea, continuously, over and over again.
So because that idea was back in my head I found Fanshawe as my College of choice, being that I knew London had well funded healthcare which I've experienced first hand for 6 months of additional neurological and vision rehab in 2014 at Parkwood Institute, so London was the place for me and the rest is currently history in the making.

Thanks for the read, more details on my health journey may be released sometime in the future. As for the future of this website, try the What To Expect Tab to find out what WBB's endstate could possibly look like.