Who's creating this Resource and where's this information coming from?

Experience is the answer, all the information that will be on this resource will be from experiences of a stroke survivor, or possibly a professional who noticed how well something worked for a patient and feels the need to document and share this successful approach. I am a strong believer that this is the best route to go when seeking guidance for rehabilitation.

I believe I am well fit for this position because myself and many of my therapists and doctors throughout the years believe my knowledge, coming strictly from experience to be extremely unique, that being I suffered 2 significant neurological recoveries. (2 seperate AVM ruptures) both causing an extreme level of Partial Paralysis to develop on both cases, the first recovery having a successful outcome in which I was thriving and successfully regaining function. And to finalize my point on why I'm qualified to direct this nonprofit, as a 23 year old who's been fully immersed into the healthcare system since 2012, being 16 years old at the time of my first AVM rupture, and still currently being in the system, I feel as I could be a very useful guide to those currently going through a stroke related recovery being that I was also moderately educated in Health Sciences at Cambrian College on top of my life's experiences. I've had a school Coordinator at Holland Bloorview, Kids Rehabilitation Hospital really try and encourage me to become a Social Worker in the Health Sector, and being in this situation now, would strongly consider acquiring a degree in Social Work to be a further asset to this nonprofit and provide stroke survivors with the guidance and aid they need and I would have wanted for myself.