Figure showing paralysis of one's hemi

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Definition Index - Partial Paralysis

What I refer to as Partial Paralysis is commonly an affect that comes from the damage caused by a stroke although not limited to that illness.
The effect is also commonly reffered to as hemiparesis, but I believe that to be too heavy of medical jargon for your typical person because even I was thrown off when first coming accross it.
The effects vary depending on the severity of the stroke or whatever trauma it derives from as well as the regions of the brain which suffered the trauma. It is revelant to note that our body has mirror based wirring
meaning, if a bleed occurs on the right side of the primary motor cortex, the left side of the body is damaged and vice versa for the left side of the brain.

Resource for this definition: Chosen Disabled

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  • Area of Paralysis of one side of the body, visualized.