At WhenBrainsBleed, we understand the challenges and uncertainties that come with navigating life after a stroke. Founded by Martin, a survivor of two AVMs (Brain Aneurysms) at a young age, our mission is to empower stroke survivors and their caregivers with knowledge, support, and resources for a meaningful recovery journey. 🌟

Our Story 📖

My name is Martin, my personal journey through neurological recovery ignited a passion for helping others facing similar challenges. My firsthand experience with Neuroplasticity  – the brain's remarkable ability to heal and adapt – inspired me to create an online platform where individuals can find guidance, encouragement, and a sense of community during their recovery process. 💪


This type of platform could become very useful for the early days of life after stroke, as early as in hospital, to help navigate those who are new to the processes and the medical sector as a whole. Considering I had never been admitted to hospital prior to my Brain Aneurysms, I'm sure my caregivers would have benefited from such a platform. This could also become very handy afterwards considering the lack of support post discharge, such a resource could be vital and life changing to those who would want guidance on adapting to their changes in abilities while aiming to remain independant. Also to those who wish to continue to take advantage of the early stages of Neuroplasticity after the injury, to make the most of the unimmaginable amount of improvements thst could be made within the first 6 months to year after a brain inujury, before the nerve endings die off and stop looking for a new pathway. It's definitely important to keep consistent with therapies that you are offered, but once those run out, I'm hoping this could be somewhat of a fallback wth information that can help one mold their goals and provide a path to strive for those goals. The only puzzle is how to format so much information on a medium like a website 🤔

  • stay ahead

    Stay Ahead of Stroke

    Discover proactive steps and lifestyle changes that can significantly reduce your risk of experiencing a stroke.
  • adapting after stroke

    Adapting to Life After Stroke

    Discover insights, strategies, and support for managing the physical, cognitive, and emotional changes that may occur after a stroke.
  • support for everyday

    Enhancing Everyday Life

    Discover how adaptive devices and assistive technologies can simplify daily tasks, promote mobility, and enhance communication for stroke survivors.